Are there fake messages in GAS APP? Thoughts

so other Fake Messages in gas app um in all these anonymous apps at this it was revealed like NGL app Send It app like at least some percent of the messages was sent by Bots and it was revealed it was confirmed by the app and all of that but here in the gas app they just stayed on their website that every single poll you receive is sent by your friend's classmates or contacts will never Auto generate messages so that's what they are saying here so as I clearly state that there are no auto-generated messages there is no AI bot questions AI classmates and all of that all of that if you receive flame if you receive this gas in your inbox it should be real um so that's at least their policy right now let's see how that goes like a lot of these apps really using like AI Bots to full growth there are some people just don't get any messages so why not just create some AI algorithm which will send you like you know some uh three messages per day so that's how other anonymous apps are doing it but here they claim to be completely real so I hope that works out

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