Are there FILTERS in BeReal app?

hello so when you're posting a video um and then are there any filters like be real filters um maybe it is somewhere in their timeline in their development timeline but i didn't see it yet so the only thing you have you can zoom on your burial you can change the camera to front or back you can there is like a lightning bolt icon so it's basically you can enable flashlight when you're taking a photo but that's it as i understand there are no burial filters nothing the whole point of this app is that it is kind of like anti-instagram so it the idea of it to show your real life and your like ordinary life situations and not be not something like instagram where you showing your lifestyle like a perfect dream lifestyle with a lot of filters so that's basically how instagram took off because of these filters that uh you know make made ordinary life magic that's how i understand this was a long time ago like burial on the other side is the opposite trend where a lot of people are kind of tired of all this like fake you know filtered photos on instagram these perfect bodies perfect cars and all of that so they just want to have like a photo of ordinary life of their friends to just do a check out what they are doing and stuff like that so that's the idea so yeah hope uh this overview is helpful maybe in future there will be some like basic filters i can see that but i wouldn't see that you know this app has like so many filters because that's the whole point of the app that you are showing your ordinary like a bit boring life ordinary situation with not perfect lightning and not perfect setup because the moment you start to add more and more filters to be real it's basically will become instagram people will start to make like ideal photos but maybe i'm wrong so these are just my thoughts

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