hello so here is wirelocketwidget app um one of the most popular requests here i'm just reading in the comments in the reviews is to have a separate widget to to each of your friend so yeah how if some person writes that however i cannot add any specific people from my friends oh no no uh i could have a designated widget for each person but there is only one that shows the most recent ones and other that's a really cute idea uh super fun way to interact with long distance friends but you should make it that you send certain people separate ones instead of the same picture going to all of your friends also only one of my friends pictures are showing up not the other two yet they're in the history uh so yeah so that's a really nice suggestion here to have uh with separate videos or ability to uh send pictures to separate people but as i understand it is not possible to send it to use it in the locket widget app so i'm just using it here here is the app and yeah if you send the locket you can only send it to yeah to the to your locket feed it doesn't go to to the specific person and if you want to add like a widget here and i search for locket there is no b just for specific people uh ideally i think it would be really nice to have like you have five friends and you can have a video for each of your friend uh something like that maybe um then you would be able to have separate pictures from each of your friends but this is just like some fantasies it's not available in the app in case you're wondering

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