Argo: Boating Navigation - app overview

here is this viral app Argo button navigation which was in the top charts is probably is in the top charts in app store and Google Play Store so it really won in top charts after this viral Tick Tock video um yeah it's an easy to use navigation on social button free to download and free to use finding the route to New destinations anywhere in North America track your boat trips see both in France on the water get real time local Knowledge from other partners and more uh so yeah that's how it looks like you can easily install it it's it's free to install it so yeah it just takes time to to open it up so the story behind this app is that it was just built by single developer uh that and then they made his daughter made a video on Tick Tock that he is on some like attack Iran and see he gives out flyers and nobody is like interested in the app and she's just like can you make this video viral so uh like my dad is happy to to see his app and then that video got like 20 million plus views so yeah uh inter find your destination create a route connect share and stay informed so yeah there you have it and then you can just tap get started and then you just have this app here um so yeah I just need to navigate where that is okay so probably it's mostly available in United States so then I can just kind of navigate here I can see borders on this app who people who who are there I can message them who are on this apple I can just send Ahoy I can see my speed I can see uh all my travels I can see places I visited I can see social feed so all of that so this app is already quite old but yeah I think it's really nicely done so it's like a social voting app so if you have a bot um yeah it's a it's a nice app to have I don't have any bot yet but yeah if you like boarding just you can hang out with people and you know if you have friends on the boards and you're on the board just traveling to some place together so it's a nice app to just add some social interaction to it it's like Niche social media and then you just have this map and you can see all the boards around you and all of that so that's basically the idea that's how it works you can see speedometer you can see your account there's like a premium feature if you want to get like offline charts uh marine weather seven day forecast more features coming it's 99 1999 per year there are some nice tutorials for this app which you can discover here how to create an account how to set a profile customize your map map legend um so yeah all of that uh your account you can delete your account if you're not happy with your personal data and yeah so that's basically the idea of it uh so yeah something like that as you can see there are a lot of boards okay there is yes there are a lot of boards just inside on the legs and it's not on the like ocean and all of that so people just boating on the Lakes uh here you can see some Fallout water you you can't tell if that person is uh on which board is that or anything like that so yeah uh but yeah quite a few users already are using this app especially after after this viral Tick Tock video so yeah uh interesting app definitely give it a try

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