ArriveCan app - how to create an account?

okay so here's arrive can app or arrive canada so to install it's an iphone just tap get and insert just 32 megabytes so it's a small app you need to confirm with your touch id of ice id depending on your iphone model and this app is developed by canada border services agency and all travelers are required to digitally provide contact and current time information upon and after entry to canada so if you want to travel to canada right now seems like you will need to use this app so you need to accept these conditions here then you can just create an account so super easy what you need to do is just email address password and confirm password so let's try to do that so now you should get like a verification code to your email so let's try to see that and there you have it [Music] so you need to fill in your details to reduce wait times at canadian ports of entry and leave it um so yeah you need just to submit your form and fill this self assessment questionnaire um so yeah just tap start how you enter in canada for example air let's just go through this together and there's the details of your plant arrival to canada since the next 72 hours country of original departure for example usa arrival airport airline flight number data for eyewall so you can just do that and you know i'll just enter something then probably know what's your purpose so here you have all the options either like foreign worker study international student none of the above or something and then you just need if if it's none of the above you need to double check if you can enter canada right now okay if you can see that then you just need to register a travel document and then you need to yeah to add traveler details like your passport or something here so that's how it works for example if i select stud it's done again you need to enter a document and then add your details so that's the part of the process how the app works if you have any additional details you just leave them in the comments below down the video because this app was just released recently and a lot of people are trying to figure out how to use it to speed up entrance to canada hope that was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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