ARTIFACT app from Instagram founders how to sign up for a waitlist?

here's artifact news app that's a new app from co-founders of of Instagram and they just released this and there is a white list here so the app is not yet on the app store or Android but there is a whitelist page where you can just go and sign up you just need to leave your phone number and we'll text you a personally in white link when you're off the wait list um so yeah just go here there is just one page landing page and then you can just sign up here and you can uh yeah they will just text you out um this is uh yeah I was just searching for that on the App Store is not there but you can read more it's it's like making some hype um it's like this app will be like a tick tock uh for text but it will be using a lot of AI and it will just create like your you know text messages based on AI or something like that uh when you open artifact you will see a list of popular articles and when you click on one that's interesting to you you'll be searched more similar posts in the future kind of tick tock for you page but for news by the users also testing out features that show articles posted by users to follow along with their commentary on their posts and direct messaging inboxes so yeah kind of similar to Twitter but and and Tick Tock with a lot of AI so interesting idea

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