hello everyone so here is a quick overview of artifact news app which is a new viral app built by former Instagram co-founders um and yeah it's getting a lot of news attention right now to get on the app you need to go through the white list sometimes but I just actually I just got off the white list it took me like around two weeks so you just need to enter your phone number and then you like like one two weeks and you should be in it's available on IOS and Android and the idea is that it's like AI powered app it's like kind of tick tock for news so this app looks like you know just like any other app like like Google News app or something like that you can ask what's the what's the point of it but the the all the magic happens on the back end where there is some AI algorithm and you're just basically reading all the news when you creating an account you select topics which you're interested in you can be interested in stock stack company startups lifestyle travel diet all of that and then you just see all of this news selected in in in in this app and then you just go and you just basically being redirected to all these websites and you're just reading them and yeah that's basically the whole point so it's kind of very similar to Google News app or like when you open Google app or yeah like Chrome app sometimes you just see in the front page just all the news recommendations but then the more articles you read so if you read 25 articles in two week period then your feed will be personalized and then it will be personalized even more and then it's just based on this AI algorithm which should give you more and more personalized news so that's the whole Magic here with this app and I don't know yet it will if it will achieve the level of tick tock when sometimes you just scroll and Tick Tock feed and it feels like so good that it was like created exactly for you well right now maybe Tick Tock is not that but like there were periods that they out their algorithm was like really amazing um so yeah let's just discover if if it really works out like that but other than that it's like every uh news reading app you can go to a page and then if you don't like this website you can just tap shop fewer read lighter share you can hide publisher you can also enable reader mode to better it you can bookmark then you just have Global headlines tab where you can see all the headlines from the current period then you just have your profile and then where you just reading articles and probably again just depending on your engagement how much time you spend on the article like if you're clicking on this headline or not you'll get more and more news from this specific publisher from this specific website you can also invite friends so you can give access to your contacts you can also copy a link so for example if I want to invite so try out and actually try out this invite code if you want to get an artifact app news app sooner um so yeah then you just have read later this bookmarking you can see your reading history you can see some of the Articles you just uh SWAT swiped through but other articles you just actually read so that's probably where uh it influences algorithm then if you subscribe already to some of these like media like if you subscribe to Financial Times you can select those and tap continue and then it will appear higher in your feed uh the point of it is like because you just redirected to this external websites and probably some content can be under the paywall so if you upgraded uh you can already read that article um then yeah you just have again subscriptions you can manage your interest so these are all the interests which are available right now so as you can see there is our most popular companies there is lifestyle Health stat and science business finance art design and culture Sports Global and more so you can just customize it like that and the app has really nice uh like design it's very like minimalistic I think it the brand the logo was just developed by some famous designer I don't know all the details because of course this app attracts a lot of hype because of of the co-founders um yeah what else here you can then just block Publishers you can set up privacy there are some push settings uh if you want you'll get some article recommendations in your push notifications then you can also send feedback uh so do that you can also check your device then their account options you can add your phone number or you can delete your account like that and you can just sign out as well so that's basically the idea the app itself looks super clean like I really like this minimalistic design there isn't you know like a lot of additional colors or additional things which just confuse the user but here's how it looks like uh when you can just see your activity I don't know what exactly to expect from it I just got access and I just tried to browse your articles here and there cool yeah it looks kind of fun but let's see if actually it can really really provide a meal like super personalized news which I will be interested in and I won't need to use like Apple news app or Google News app like you know there are already all these apps from from this from this company so let's just explore if this app can really stand out in in that in that sense hopefully it can because maybe it's just an experiment if uh yeah so that's an idea um so yeah just go have fun download stay on the wait list um and uh yeah then you will just be able to explore this app more and maybe it really will work out for you if you enjoyed this quick overview put a like so more people can discard what what artifact news is and then you can just help YouTube recommendation algorithm you can also support my channel by clicking uh a join button you can subscribe to my channel visit my blog and Tick Tock so I just randomly create some videos about some interesting apps I want you to try out and discover and make it easier for you to just navigate through these apps and maybe find some hidden features and some hidden uh techniques

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