ARTIFACT NEWS app - is there a Testflight?

is there a test flight for artifact news app so you know this app is not yet released and you need to join the white list and sometimes like some other apps uh they offer do offer like a test flight just to test things out and there is even like a white list for test flight for example in Timeless app there was like that and many other apps before the release you can just sign up and just see and feel the app if you would like to use it when it's like going completely open so I don't think so I was doing just a quick reading and since there is no test flight option so you just need to join the white list and wait until the the app is fully available it should be available on IOS and Android so on both of these devices it should be good to go so anyhow that's the idea uh uh yeah uh hope this app will be off of the white list pretty soon

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