Artifact Personalized News app - quick overview

so what is artifact news just a quick preview for you this is the app being developed by Instagram co-founders it was just released probably you will need to stay on the white list but yeah so this this app is kind of like a tick tock for news where you can discover all your interesting news in different categories and it's it's like you can just swipe around uh interesting news and the magic trick behind this app is that it has a query like developed AI algorithm and in future you will be able to get like really really personalized news just based on what you're reading and what you like so here you just have your profile and read 25 articles in two week period for artifact to better personalize your feed um so yeah that's basically the concept um yeah of course you can say there are a bunch of apps like that or like Google News Apple news all of that but the the hidden trick is this AI algorithm where you will be able to get this really personalized recommendations and then yeah you just go straight you uh how it work works you just select different categories you like to read select different Publications you can add subscriptions you have like New York Times or uh any other apps you subscribe to and then you just reading okay I like Vogue and then you will be recommended more of those so that's basically the idea you also have different categories you can edit those you can just move them around uh then you have settings you have subscriptions where you can add all of these Publications you already subscribed to you can manage your interests you can get push notifications for some new interesting articles then you can also delete your account if you don't like the app or you can just sign out um so yeah that's basically it also you can invite friends up to four friends so if you're not on the app yet feel free to use this code if it wasn't used used yet and then you can just get into the app faster for me it took around like two weeks to get of the wait list so let's just explore what happens I'm just really excited to see if it really can provide these the great recommendation algorithm and it if this app can really become like a go-to App for News reading and really just getting like top trending news in the in the specific uh niche so let's just explore

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