Ask AI - Chat & Get Answers - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

Here is an interesting app called Ask.AI - chat and get answers. You can see it is being built by this developer. And it's one of the top apps right now for using AI because OpenAI doesn't have its original app on iPhone, and a lot of people just prefer to use an AI app instead of just going to the browser. So let's just have a quick overview. Ask.AI lets you write anything and get instant answers. You can chat with the most advanced AI. Here are some ideas you can ask Ask.AI to write for you - stories, poems, song lyrics, scripts, essays, emails, homework, language practice and translation, information about anything, food recipes, dad jokes, one week trip plan to Japan, what to watch, code, math equations and many more. So yeah, you can just practice any language, chat about any topic and all of that. Need to say there are a bunch of other apps right now which are using OpenAI API. Some of them are quite expensive and can charge you a lot if you want to engage in chat. But this app seems to provide some of these things for free. So let's look. Here you have how Ask.AI works. I am not sure if it's using the latest model of chat GPT, either 3.5 or chat GPT4. But then you can share it as an image or you can just tap and hold and then your message is copied. The cool thing about this app is that you can engage in conversation for free, the same way as it's kind of like chat GPT. Because in other apps, which are not non-native like chat GPT apps, you need to instantly upgrade if you want to participate in the chat. Then you have all your history. You can go and then you can just rename or delete any of your chats. It's the same way as it's saved in the chat GPT. It's been saved here. Then you just have different suggestions like fun, business, marketing, social media manager, and you can set up all these characters and set all these roles in specific chats and then just proceed to the chats. So, it's completely working as chat GPT. This app is just being developed by Codeway company, which is one of the top development companies that are just building these viral apps like Voi, a bunch of others, AI apps. You can share this app, and you can reach out to then email support. And it has a nice little dark theme here. I am not sure how to change to the other theme, but that's just an overview. Overall, Ask.AI is a great app to use, especially if you're looking for some fun or have questions about anything. Plus, it's free, and you can chat with an AI in a natural way. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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