AskHonest Anonymous Q&A app overview

okay so here is us honest app so it's one of the alternatives to your app so probably remember there was like an app called yola so something like this but of course it had different um yeah a different icon and stuff but for some reason I think snapchat removed yolo app so um yeah so the idea of course is that you can ask these anonymous questions and then people can just reply to you and that's basically anonymous q a so let's try to install it it's only 37 megabytes but I think  once the yola app was removed from app stores this is one of the top apps which tries to compete so how does it work sheller link with your friends allow you to send anonymous messages that you can only see you can answer messages from friends um all messages will be encrypted and you can see 9 k ratings 4.5 out of 5. probably it existed even before yolo app was removed but maybe it's not the best app but still it seems it's the best replacement as for now so you just need to select that mode so yeah i don't know like for some reason it's not tapable not clickable oh there it is (music) um so now it wants me to open snapchat it was just a bit buggy maybe there are just so many users who are trying to use this app right now okay so i just can create an account here with snapchat um then i can just continue to that and then i can just create my username here I can add my email i can add my password and there you have it should be good it's not the best design at all because i can't just scroll down let's see what happens here and then i just tap and then okay i just need to enter again oh no i don't know  if it's working or not okay let's try one more time now and now how do i remove my keyboard so that's there you go yes finally we are in and then i can just add ask honest link to my instagram profile if i want to and then um yeah i can just share my profile here is me tab of course there are ads probably if you want to remove ads you can just upgrade here [Music] so here's my profile you can see france i can see in box i can share the link uh you can add friends here by username so yeah something like that i can also use quick add i can see all the messages [Music] yep i can again send messages to my friends so that's the idea you just share this link and then [Music] then it will be working similar to previous yellow app.

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