Aspiration app - how to install on iPhone?

hey everyone so here is expiration app uh it's one of the top finance apps so to install it an iphone just tap get and then yeah you will be able to install it so just use touch id or face id and yeah so as you can see it's in the top charts and 122 megabytes size um and it's basically a banking app and white one so up in the top charts because i think it offers loans so i think there was an opportunity to get like a 7 000 loan on expiration app and yeah just by installing creating an account and filling some requirements not sure that this offer is still open but you should definitely try to install this app and follow the opportunities try to install the account and see what happens so here is the app you can see all the features here then you can just tap to create an account and let's just try to do that and create the terms and conditions hmm however i think maybe it's only available in us or something you can see all the yeah so um yeah let's let's just check it out in support center i think it's only if you're in us it will allow you to create an account so you can always contact their support here but it's just weird that it doesn't go through okay let's try to reload the app i just swipe up and then i will just reload in case you have the same issue and then sign up now wow nope doesn't work for some reason so probably the issue is that it's only worse from territory of united states                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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