Audius app blockchain music streaming how to use?

hey so here is this app called audios audios if i pronounce it correctly audio music streaming service and it's recently was in the news because tick tock selected as a partner for music creation and yeah so for example if you are an artist here you can automatically upload your music from audios to tick-tock and use it in some sound beats or something like around that so you would ask like why tick-tock would select audios instead of spotify or like apple music or soundcloud or some other similar platforms well one of the other one of the reasons could be that audios is built on blockchain so it's a decentralized uh music streaming app and yeah that's why it makes it so interesting so i just created an account you can create an account for free so and the welcoming mile is also super impressive so let's just go through it so you can see here what the right is like imagine you control soundcloud instead of these guys so this is some like board of directors or something for soundcloud and of course if you have that then there will be some decisions which kind of which can limit the freedom of the platform and all of that and many other scenarios without you and your friends could code a version of the app without anyone's permission you imagine uh you you can create any song and uh yeah you can be paid more and all of that so these are the possibilities which blockchain brings um yeah and that really described them while here in that welcoming mile and it's also interesting because audios is one of the first apps uh like which is like really is uh hugely monetizable and it's built on the blockchain so i think it's one of the first examples of the like blockchain build commercialized apps maybe i'm wrong but it's just my thoughts and let's just go through the overview so this is the app this is how it looks like you can just listen to songs you can report favorites repost favorites share them add to playlist view artist page you can follow um and all of that uh so yeah unfollow so it's kind of similar to soundcloud um then you can see trending this week this month's this year like trending audio [Music] so yeah it's kind of like a top chart here then uh you can explore uh you can explore trending playlists under ground trending heavy rotation um like top albums or mixables so all of that that's kind of it and then you can just add to your favorites library that add track albums playlist and then here is your profile you can upload track you can edit your profile change profile picture so when you create an account that's why i have another video about how to create an account here you just can log in with your instagram or with your twitter so that's just what i did and then you have settings here you can see your listening history you can change appearance and you can see that there is discord community instagram you can contact support you can have help faq section but of course yeah there is no way to delete your account or do some other things because of the nature of that blockchain so for example i was just curious like why i can't delete an account here if i really even want to um because yeah audios is built using public blockchains and that's just the nature of blockchain like the same as it works with bitcoin that all the transactions are basically public you can see all every transaction everything and the same with the apps like audios built on the blockchain technology that if you created an account it's just there is a new uh chain or yeah there's a new block on the chain how to express it and yeah it's public it's there it can be deleted and it's um yeah so yeah that's that um they said that using blockchain is required to build a decentralized product that is community owned controlled future blockchains might support pruning of residual data which is later deleted this will become a necessity and some public blockchains soon so that's kind of cool um so yeah that's the idea um [Music] that's the app uh super cool simple interface i don't know exactly how it will work with like this tick tock why it costs so much price and attention but that's that and yeah so hope this just quick overview was helpful i really excited about this new blockchain integration and this app and all the opportunities it brings and just leave some comments below this video just to what do you think about it uh what are results of this new technology are using audios are using spotify why yeah would you switch to audios and all of that and yeah any other thoughts about this new technology and music streaming would be highly appreciated subscribe to my channel visit my website mr hector iowa and other website about and see in the next videos                                                                                                                              

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