Audm app overview & how to use

here is interesting app which is called rdm app uh so let's just try to install it and see why is that app trending and why it's like number three in magazines and news charts on the us app store in the whole united states the best journalism spoken aloud iodian presents the world's best long-form journalism read aloud word for word by celebrated audiobook narrators listen to many hours worth of new stories every week from publication including new york times new york atlantic wires new republic buzzfeed vanity fair and then you can see all of the additions here of course there are more and more more magazines and newspapers added add stories to your playlist then listen on the go even without no connection you can download them as well of course you need to have a paid subscription uh and then there is a free trial um and then yeah you can cancel a subscription in standard way if you cancel any subscription on ios if you just go to settings app itunes and app stores apple id and then you can see your subscriptions anyhow let's just open the app and see what what what is it about um so articles from top publication voiceover by like word class narrators so to create an account i can just sign in with apple id that's what i like to do mostly because for me is the fastest way actually and then uh here is uh here is a subscription um here you can subscribe actually and there is a big trial free trial for 14 days where you can try it out so you can just choose the plan access the best publication in the world you will not be charged until the free trial ends and cancel any time of course if they cancel any time there are standard iphone terms which means that you still need to cancel if the trial is 14 days you need to cancel after a maximum 13 days so in the end of 13 days is you need to cancel and if you cancel the 14 that i think you still will be recharged so that's just fyi for you just for your information to understand and then let's just see and then uh you can see the subscriptions uh and then you may cancel a subscription and then let's see if it can be possible uh okay anyway uh this was just like an example for you uh i will try to do another video but as you can see there is no an option to free to create free account or just to browse the library or anything but the idea of the app is very neat that you can you know listen to to the articles and a lot of apps are focusing on this voice experience where like you know some people like reading a lot of people like watching videos and especially younger generation and a lot of people like to the article to be uh to be listened to not not just read and especially cool if it's like the cool narrator and for example you can there is some like cool analytical article or any type you like from like like the new yorker some like big overview and sometimes it can be great experience to listen to it instead of reading so then i think this is great app great approach and it's going into this audio wave there are so many like audio apps which are popping up right now and yeah so that's basically the idea um yeah try it out it's not uh yeah it's it's not on the cheaper side as you can see five dollar per month it's like um yeah it's not like price of netflix subscription but also it's not like one dollar per month so it's like this price you need to buy if you really think you will use this app at least few few times per month um and yeah so try it out uh yeah in the bottom if you want you can delete your account you can see like this red uh text but just uh for your information if you delete an account your subscription usually is not the canceled so you need to cancel subscription first and then you will be able to delete your account

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