Aura Frames app - FULL OVERVIEW

hello so here is uh an app called our frames it's a very interesting app [Music] where you can use some interesting frame technology to share photos to like to the photo frame uh so maybe you remember like there are this old school like uh photos and picture frames which you can find in your maybe like parents place standing somewhere on commode but these images are not updated in real time with aura frame you can control in real time with the app what's happening on this picture frame and then you can send these photos either to your mom's frame to your partner's frame to your grandparents and all of that you can private you can share exactly what's happening on that frame and this this is actually super cute it's kind of like a very interesting approach and technology so let's just open up this app and then i need to create an account so let's just do that so i will show you the process so in case you never use this app before i also didn't use it but it's just interesting to so and then i can choose photo it's for me or for someone else so depending like you know if your relatives or some older friends need need this set up you can set it up for someone else but you can also set it up for for yourself and then you just need to plug your frame in so you need to have this aura frame then you need to turn off your bluetooth and then you will you can set it up and then basically you can add your frame here as well so for this app to work you need to turn on your bluetooth so okay let's just go to bluetooth settings and then i just need to turn on my bluetooth and then it will be just looking for the frame it will start to pair this frame with the app so that's basically how it works so nothing that complicated you have your name you can change your profile photo you can always add multiple frames i guess you can connect google photos you can add photos from any browser you can just easily upload photos from your computer or any other device using the web browser so you can just do that you can see upload status you can see recently uploaded images as and send you can also send smart suggestions aura will analyze your connected photo library and apply some data about it including facial recognition to the cloud in order to improve the app and offer features like photo suggestions your photos themselves will never be uploaded without your permission so there you have it this feature can be a bit tricky so some people can be a bit concerned like yeah should you really enable that because then you give access to your personal data to the app and you know this can be your relative photos and are you sure you want to give access to that so it's just your decision if you want to enable that or not um so that's about it then there is like a help effect you section in case you have any issues uh you can specialize in it for some people it can be quite hard to connect frame to the wi-fi network uh adding your moon albums on your frame photo access and privacy removing and hiding photos from your frame repositioning photos on your frame using the touch bar controls turning the frame on or off so this all the sections you you can just read out here and there is a direction to the website where you can check it out and all of that so yeah that's basically the idea of the app and uh okay let's just check out maybe you are interested uh how much is that uh because for this to work you need you need a hardware device [Music] our frame is like 199 euros or like around you know 250 dollars depending there is also like frame our uh app which all uses fry mal uh the setup which which is also which can also do the similar scene right now is a bit on the cheaper side and i also did an app overview of that so you can take a look at that so right now you can get for around like hundred dollars each hour of frames i think it starts from like 200 250 um so and then okay so yeah from 199 you can buy it and it can be a really nice gift actually for uh yeah uh yeah so that's basically you have that you have uh different colors you can select uh what you like and it's like 200 dollars full nine full hd 1600 1200 screen with best in class image quality rotate to display to user landscape or portrait unlimited photo and video storage effortless photo and video uploading from anywhere with aura app on ios and android adjustable slide show speed so photos change as fast or slow as you want show photos and videos in chronological randomly shuffled order so yep that's basically it that's how it works yeah so that's basically the idea you can always again on their website or you can reach out and contact support other than that hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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