Aura - Meditation & Sleep - app overview

hello everyone so here is this app called Aura meditation and sleep um yeah it's clamping in charts um this is one of the top like mindfulness relaxation apps um which you can use there are so many apps out there with the you know which help you out to sleep or meditate and all of that but this is one of the top apps right now so let's just explore it here let's go through the process what it takes to create an account in this app so here our live Channel live meditation and coaching session from your favorite characters for free that's a pretty cool feature so here you can just see some some available spots uh some interesting sessions which is I think pretty cool uh and then you can reserve a spot but let's see so you can just upload your photo I'm not sure uh yeah so there you have it so that's an app and then you have live sessions you have some music tabs you have some uh like uh programs where you have tracks coaches three 40 minutes per day and then yeah you can just uh upgrade to that uh and there is a free trial Sunday for free than 59.99 per year only 4.99 per month that's pretty cheap right so not that expensive app which you can try out and then there is like a sleep tab where you can have some sleep settings some soundscapes um some meditations unfortunately a lot of it is locked so you will need to either start a free trial or upgrade here then you have all the courses available uh just and then uh for for access to this coaches I think of course yeah you will need to upgrade and pay additional price and then there is your account where you can just see uh like your details and yeah so that's basically the idea of the app you can actually do the thing out as well here um so yeah try it out as you can see unfortunately a lot of this stuff is locked under subscription and then you can you can try free trial and the app itself is not that expensive but then if you want like this personal coaching experience um it's much more expensive than you will need to pay for each card but you still have all these Live Events uh I don't know if they're in I think they're included in the in the free spot or they are in the um in the like in the just basic subscription so at least you can attend these Live Events so try it out

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