hi everyone so here's interesting app just called autopilot Investment app it's kind of like a meme app a bit maybe not that so the idea of it is that it's simple politicians and hedge funds continue to beat the market so we built an app to copy try them automatically introducing autopilot an app that lets you automate your portfolio by copying topmost writers in real time autopilot pilot makes investing stress-free by a long experienced Pilots to guide your investment so just copy those investments in in this in this app so as you can see you can in invest like Warren Buffett or some other polit Finance people and politicians so yes you can see here and then yeah you can just uh create an account and uh yeah just proceed with the app so here I'm just using some like task account to show you I think this app going viral on Tick Tock or something uh but yeah it's super interesting idea because for example yeah there are a bunch of investing apps where you can uh kind of copy trading activities so your verification is successful then you can just enter your email just like a test email here um and then for example you can see here world class investors Nancy Pelosi uh Michael Berry inverse grammar whatever Jim Cramer does we do the opposite plus 26 average Citadel Securities and of course uh this app is not a licensed investment advisor and unless stated otherwise neither are any of our Pilots so again this is just like a meme app overview don't take it like too seriously if you really want to invest some like big amounts you need to really to consult the career professionals this is just like a you know Meme app overview so for example you want to invest like Warren Buffett and then you can see plus 12 percent yearly average plus 12 last year three trades per month and then you can just copy the portfolio so what is this and then you can just have you all and then select Warren Buffett and then you can just connect your broker like Robin Hood we bull uh ameritrate on CEO brokerage and then at the moment they only support these three ones Robin Hood Emerald trade people um so yeah that's basically and then you just need to sign up is uh with Robin Hood for example so that's basically the app idea um and how do they get these positions so they say here hedge funds are required to file form 13 F is in 45 days after the last day of the calendar quarter so then you can just get all of this info and yeah then so yeah 85 percent of his portfolio is directly copying this report the other 15 percent of this portfolio is derived from looking at his Twitter and other active reports of what he believes uh for example he posted how he showed on the economy and housing market that the portfolio has QQQ which is an inverse ETF on tech companies and drv which is an University from the housing market this is the y1 this y one can benefit from the clients in those two sectors so yeah that's what you can see here and maybe this app will just grow and find uh like also you can select like Nancy Pelosi uh so yeah um that's basically the app I think it's pretty interesting like other apps also offering this kind of functionality like etoro or something so you have you have like top performers on etoro and then you can just copy paste all their stocks and ETFs index funds in your portfolio here you just have like top celebrities and top financial influencers and you can copy from them but of course it's kind of a meme app like because yeah like if you just leave all the time listen to Jim Cramer probably your your portfolio is not doing that good but if you do an inverse grammar that's about it um yeah but again don't take this app too seriously but of course it can give you some nice ideas maybe for a search and for some other like investment decisions

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