Autopilot Investment app - how to use?

hey so how to invest with autopilot Investment app this app right now is in the top charts of the finance category in the US app store it's pretty incredible and so the idea of it is that you can copy portfolios or famous politicians or hedge fund managers here in this app this app takes a portfolio of their assets from open sources like politicians need to fill out Declaration forms hedge funds needs to fill out other forms and then also you can just go to open sources like Twitter and analyze or like some other uh open activity and yeah you can just create a picture of their portfolio from that of course maybe it's not like 100 percent detailed but at least you can see some Trends and then for example Nancy Pelosi you can see here you can see current Holdings um and then you can just select that and then just copy that to Robin Hood or V bull or maritrade because that's it so like just go here and then just copy to Robin Hood it's pretty amazing um and yeah that's what you can do um and here you can read where they get these positions um so like stock act requires every member of Congress to publicly file and disclose any financial transaction of stocks Bond Commodities Futures within 45 days of the transaction days um so um yeah so there is some delay in this app obviously and probably there is a lot of like estimation but you can get the the big the major Trends uh correct here so if someone is investing in apple a lot you can definitely see it here and you can see that the percentage [Music] um so it's pretty cool so definitely this app can give you some ideas for a search or uh some you know uh some stock research uh ideas like you can go and invest inverse Jim Cramer whatever Jim Cramer does we do the opposite and it has 26 percent yearly average and then uh yeah you can do that and then you can see some ETF store political ETF and ETF of the top 10 politician Traders but by Sandra 2022 performance so you can also invest that yeah unfortunately there are only like three Brokers at the moment that's um Robin Hood the bull and Ameritrade and then there is no any other brokerage so you will need to create an account in Robinhood probably to to use this app correctly or of course you can just you know see these stocks it's not that many there aren't that many accounts here but it would be really amazing if they added like dozens more of profiles of famous politicians of presidents it would be really amazing app I think uh so yeah uh definitely give it a try and explore it

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