Autopilot Investment app - quick overview. Is it legit?

here is this app autopilot where you can copy positions I mean at least some results from Warren Buffett Michael burry Cramer Citadel Securities and copy them to your Robin Hood or uh Vivo so just select these positions and then you can copy Robin Hood people or Amari trade so then you can just integrate and then you just can connect to Robin Hood like that and you just need to log in with Robin Hood account or log in with the bull account so something like that um yeah so that's the idea um if you don't see your brokerage uh then that's it laser only three brokers available at this moment so yeah that's basically the idea so you can just copy some of these positions from these five influencers at the moment uh hopefully there will be more but of course this is just all the positions are based on like open sources like form 13f and also some Twitter and all of that so it's of course it's not like 100 percent all of their Holdings but at least you can see the idea uh what these people are doing so uh yeah that's how you can just copy some of these positions to your Robinhood RV ball of course just take a lot of it just with a grind of salt it's more like a meme app so don't take it too seriously but it's a great app to just do some research and I got some ideas for sure

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