Autopilot - Investment app - quick overview

here is this viral app called autopilot Investment app it's like number three in finance charts today so if you just open the app you can see uh yeah the mission at autopilot and uh yeah so the idea is that you can have access to the world's best invest in what you believe in Xbox politician shaded rice it's more like a meme app a bit but you can still have some fine nice ideas here so for example if you know some politician who is performed really well in investing and picking up some good stocks so you can just copy trades for example from Nancy Pelosi you can just keep here and then you can see all the portfolio uh like this and then select this politician and then just you can connect your broker at the moment these are only three Brokers like Robin Hood V bull Ameritrade and then just go there and uh yeah copy your investment like that so you can do that there are also done creation out top political ETF Debbie Schultz then there are hedge funds like Warren Buffett Bill Eckman so for example like that and then you can just copy all of these uh yeah stocks and then you can see the performance yearly average last year but where where do they get this info actually so at the right here so hedge funds are required to file forms 13 app within 45 days after the last day of the calendar quarter so and after that this app just gets data from that also they just looking through the Twitter accounts of these people and just some of their comments and public comments so yeah of course it's not like 100 it just can give you some indication some Trend but maybe it's like 70 80 percent or 85 percent of their stocks are look similar of course you can't discover all of your stocks all of stocks of some person as I understand however I'm not like a financial advisor this is just my subjective thoughts then you have ETFs where you can get some top political ETF uh why would you do that so like this based on that that like you know some politicians or some hedge fund managers of course they have access to some data some information which probably you don't have access to or maybe I'm wrong I don't know and then instead of spending like weeks on your own research you can just copy their trades so probably they are like insiders and they know some secrets of Corporations and all of that so that's like um and I think it's actually a pretty cool idea with this app and then you can just copy like Nancy Pelosi uh portfolio and just connect your Robin Hood if you don't see a brokerage yet yeah and the mod is only Robin Hood Ameritrade people then yeah you just need to uh it's not yet available you can just sign up or try it alerts and then you can just manually do it like that it's well known stocks so you can just do on your stock research so yeah that's basically the idea of the app it's constantly being updated so go to it and check it out

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