Ava: Transcribe Voice to Text - FULL APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

in this video we'll go through the app which is called our transcribe voice to text uh live captions and transcription um so you would ask like why this app is interesting and in fact this app is climbing in the top charts in the social media category in the app store um yeah like you would say there are so many apps which are doing transcription and like there is author ai desk script like you can do transcription just in google docs and all of that but this app is really fun for another feature and um uh yeah i will go about that later and why is is this app especially going very high and like in the social networking category so first of all this app is super useful because it's uh really helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing um our speech to text provides 24 7 real-time audio transcription with about five hours in 100 words based on ai and the highest possible accuracy with ioscribe and about 100 words but for that you will need to upgrade so you can use our to transcribe a live caption voice to text for classroom business meetings doctors appointments shopping events and more so you can just easily download ava on your phone to easily transcribe but there is this killer feature which is called group conversations and then you can just use like voice to text in group conversations and then invite users to download our app is a qr code and then our app shows a real time color coded transcript or who says what so i will show you this feature it's really amazing i think that's like really well can be like the future of like messenger apps i actually really liked it um so there you have it um so there are like free plants there is paid plans community plan for power user or you can get three hours of premium caption for 99.99 per month or 14.99 per month if paid monthly uh yeah so let's just let's just open the app um and yeah at the first glance it just looks like you know just a normal traditional transcription app but then as you can see i will just enable this transcription and you will see that this this chat is being color coded and now there is a chat recorded so that's about that uh and then the cool feature is that you can just add other people see what everyone says invite people to our room uh now uh download needed you will see there are captions here so you can just invite them via web link you can also just go here and just add people um we are like you know username just search for someone with our username so it's like you know social network and then or you invite people from your contacts or just search facebook friends um you access your contacts etc you can also just scan qr code or you can share your qr code so for example this can be my qr code and then yeah like basically all these chats are kind of like a transcripts and then you can add a lot of people here and yeah you can just have this cool group chat so first of all of course it's helping a lot like people hearing people with hearing problems it's really amazing app i think it's one of the best in class for this reason but also there are so many more use cases it's also like a fun fun group chat uh so like you can you know if you don't like to type long paragraphs you can just have this group chat with your friends and then you can just talk to your phone and like instantly as you can see uh so as you can see now this uh yeah this chat will be populated here and then it it will just appear as you are talking so if you want to tell something very long uh you can just send it here of course you can send an like audio message but then still it's audio message is not transcript or you can create like an audio room but uh that's just an audio room that's not that's not text so that's the cool the cool feature of the app and it goes further so you can also just use this settings and then you can use this for translation so you can just talk your phone and then choose language to translate into so you can just select all these languages so imagine that you are talking with uh with some like you know going traveling to japan some people don't know um don't know like i don't know english or something and then of course you can just use google translate and stuff but also you can just speak to this app it will automatically translate you and and create this group chat or you can just invite someone to group chat from completely different place who doesn't know like your language so that's another use case um yeah you can also just type and [Music] how i will start speaking and then you just save all of that like uh like transcripts and all group chats are basically transcripts which you can share and then there is like a profile uh where uh there are settings where you can reserve your username i reserved my you know first name which is pretty cool and then there is subscription information you can see that then there is like a lot of features which really makes this transcription quite high quality you can have vocabulary boost select microphones speech language text size hearing like voice type you can change my alpha male voice and all of that then that's your profile you can change your profile picture change your username if there are any issues you can always reach out to their support for example if you're concerned about like you know uh your account or your privacy you can always just reach out to them and write like to delete an account or something uh or they'll ask how to delete your data because yeah i got like if you're using this group chat a lot and using this app often you just want to be sure that at any point you want to be able to delete your data so that's what a lot of people ask at least then unfortunately these high quality premium captions are quite limited uh so you can add more premium captions uh just you can get one hour of them for just 4.99 or get three hours of premium captions with our community so you can also do that you can try 15 day freeze and 1498 per month yeah then you just have your contacts uh then you have discover so of course you can use our app with zoom with discord twitch google mid apple podcast facebook live skype slack in igtv teams all these apps you can just use this uh yeah and try it out so that's that's basically the app i think this group chat feature is really amazing and especially if you use it with translations and that's why it's climbed charts in the social networking category because you know maybe a lot of teens as well want to try something new and that has some really cool potential i think because this is like a kind of i haven't seen this way of communication before so of course user have text audio messages video messages but if you are just talking and it transcribes into group chat this got me excited i think it's cool but of course this app is increasingly valuable for like people hearing problems seeing this one of the top absences category so yeah definitely give a try to to the app for the group chat feature or just for doing your transcriptions uh try to hang out with friends you can have some fun and uh yep so that's the app you can also see the upgrade options either is free premium or scribe uh and then you just need to upgrade here um yep so if you want to get even more accuracy then you just need to subscribe to our community that's 14.99 per month so other than that thank you for watching

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