Ava: transcribe voice to text - how to create an account?

so here is our app transcribe voice to text it's it's been trending in the in the top charts in the app store and it provides unlimited captions our users captions to live transcribe voice to text to provide accessibility for people for d for hard hearing our speech to text ad provides 24 cent real time audio transcription with about 5 errors in 100 words based on ai and the highest possible accuracy with our scribe at about one error in hundred words use ava to transcribe a live caption voice to text for classroom business meetings doctors appointments shopping events and more so not only in that situations for deaf people but also for like yeah you can use it for business meetings as well uh ava's speech to text app makes transcribing in live communication easy for friends so just download this app uh and then to use voice to text in group conversations invite users to download that our app is a qr code uh and our shows real time color coded transcript who says what and all of that so i think one of these features of the our app which uh because of which it went viral was this you know just group communicating feature but let's just explore it how it works uh so uh yeah here you can just create your account so let's just do that so usually i'll i'll just create my account like this so my name then i can just start live captioning hello hello okay hello hello so anyway so yeah something like that and then you can add uh see what everyone says my people to our room no download in it you will see there are captions here so you can just invite people and just share a link with them uh so that's what you can do then you can just and your transcripts so you can invite people here and that's basically like an audio chat like instead of you know like typing in the group chat you can um you can you know just talk to the app and it will provide like real time chat so that's about it so instant captions for a computer face to face you can give access to your contacts transcripts profile premium captions so yep so here you have all these vocabulary boosts uh yeah interesting uh and premium captions subs there are still like premium captions and not premium and then if you want more of that you will need to upgrade for 15 a month so not everything is free obviously uh but there you have it basically hi there so yeah that's uh that's the app so here is finally working so for example this is how the the chat would look like so i can just add my friends here and the the cool feature of that is that we can just talk in this group chat but as i see i'm not typing i'm just talking uh so yeah i think it's really amazing uh and then just add friends here in this group chat uh and yeah so that's cool uh start picturing picture can use different microphones uh and let's so you can see here in the in the text how it's how precise is it maybe it's not recording the microphone from the iphone because i'm just recording this video on iphone but yeah just imagine just adding friends here and this is how the chat looks like so i'm not typing at all so it makes that the chat like super super fast maybe it's annoying but still interesting so would you like it of course you can use like you know some audio chat app or just create like group audio group video on facebook but not a lot of people enjoy like audio chat so or even more like video chats people just like to you know to to type sometimes fast but and some quick and precise messages but sometimes sometimes it's too much as well so yeah it's a nice concept to use audio but still transcribe it to the chat

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