AVATARAI.me - what is it? Quick preview

what's avatar AI dot me website app uh so it's it's created by Peter leros uh like it's a very famous Indie hacker you can follow him on Twitter it's his new project and basically the idea is that you can create AI generated avatars or profile icons uh and you know this is actually a pretty big problem for a lot of people like sometimes you need a professional photo sometimes you need a photo for Tinder or sometimes just need some casual photo for Instagram or stuff like that uh yeah it's great if you're like a professional photographer or you have access to some like cool shots but in many times it's just not the case so maybe it's like the future that you can generate AI photos which will look super close to reality so you need to upload what you need to do is like upload 20 photos of yourself or your dog cat here so you need a 10 portrait photos of your face but show your shoulders five photos from your chest and up and five full body photos so yeah you can do like photos with different facial expressions different locations backgrounds different times of the day uh but no sunglasses no kids no only photos looking into the camera not photo shoots same setting so yeah just different settings different photos of yourself and then after doing that like your uh your model will be trained your AR model will be trained so yeah uh yeah and then there is some I think there is some um AI API or something like that and which is being used and then after three hours or so you will receive an email with like 100 photos or something a hundred plus different AI avatars and that costs 40 dollars just so yeah it's pretty cool and you can follow Peter on Twitter you can see here all the different photos which are being generated some of them are for you know just the wire like image like so that can't be used a lot but maybe you know still in some Twitter or something like that some of them are actually pretty okay looking and can be used in the uh um I'll link it in for example or sometimes on your resume or you know like in many other occasions so pretty interesting idea uh I'll try to buy it and like explore it how it works and show you the Share results with you because yeah I think I also need like sometimes uh some kind of the more high quality photos to use everywhere uh yeah so hope that can be helpful definitely go check out avatarai dot me interesting project

AI Can Create Any Image You Can Thi...
AI Can Create Any Image You Can Think Of! #shorts #tech
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