AYALA APP - full overview

okay so here is ayala app it's a dating app uh kind of tinder competitor um it's recently entered the top charts in like us app store for social networking and so let's just do a quick overview of it how it's different from other apps like why why it's climbing the charts um yeah so let's just try to do that so you can easily create your account just his email or apple id and then that stands like a tinder you can have lightest profiles you can have nearby profiles and then you can just swipe left or right if you swipe right you kind of say hi so you just said hi to someone then you can go to that profile you can go to see all the other information then you can report a blog user then you can see kind of the pictures uh so yeah that's that's the idea um then if you want to chat here if you want to send of course then um you need to sign up so one week is 9.49 or one month is 15.99 and just tap continue uh lifetime no subscription just by 75 dollars and you just bought the app for lifetime um so that's how it works that's your account you can go to your account you can go like to settings you can include all these like message notifications in case you just get the message you have been notified then you can just tap to delete an account in case yeah you just want to uh yet to delete it in case because if you just delete the app it won't erase all your data all your chats and all of that but if you want to erase your data you need to delete your account then there is like privacy policy in terms of service of course you can then just edit your info just add your pictures add tags so this is when you create your account you need to add some personal tags and you won't be able to proceed without creating this this information so that's that then of course you have like all your chats here [Music] um then the cool part is that you can also create like a video messages here so you can post your selfie video and start the video dating um here then it's like there's also a social feed so it's like uh meet and date so you can enter the content you want to invite and just create some posts write some information like and then just add some emoji and just post you can show your location on your post you can add some pictures and yeah so that's that's basically how it's supposed to work and then you can just engage in these conversations and respond to people here so that's basically that you can see why people like it because it's kind of super super simple super intuitive you can always contact support here in the uh feedback section just write your email address just write the issue and just yeah just reach out and then um yeah that's how you contact support here on the app other than that that's how it works that's the app if you have used it please leave some comments below like interesting to see if you found it helpful or was it useful for you and all of that yeah so just thanks for watching like and subscribe