BAA Racing app - preview

so here is ba racing uh man you know i'm just a app sorry and then um yeah here there are two options you can select either a runner or a spectator so for example if you're just a spectator and you run see other people running boston marathon here's how it looks like choose three quick links for a home page so you can select tracking you can select marathon course map leaderboard expo info selfie tuning live rice info and something like that and then yeah you can just select leaderboard and then yeah you can see uh topman or top human and then you can see a little board on the different positions and then you can see the pace finish time finish time of the day at least splits photos so all of that uh runner details um so yeah pretty cool app and then you can see all this additional things settings also the cool feature is selfie where you can see uh you can just take the selfie here um racing for past results probably you can also download this app and you will automatically have that for the next year or something so here you can also see the from previous years so yeah that's the app

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