BabyLab app - how to create account & app overview

hello so here is baby lab app make babies with friends and celebrities so let's uh let's explore this app let's see how to create an account uh you can try premium for free unlimited results for new watermark unlock history and there is three days free trial but thankfully there is a free trial and then yet you don't even need to create an account as i understand maybe later you will need so you need to upload photo of yourself you will use it to make your baby show your face clearly only one facing the photo avoid glasses so then you just need to add photo and yeah you can follow them on tick tock or make not and then you can just choose another photo or choose a celebrity so for example here you can go to photo library or take a photo of your friend or anything like that so so bella turner so let's see how that would look like and then and then you can see baby let's see if you can see it and now you can see a limited result but not sure if it's yeah i'm not sure if i can see the the baby with the yeah with the free version just interesting like skip the result come on i don't want to pay yet so yeah some sort of yeah okay and unfortunately i can't see a baby without yep without that um so yep the one seems you will need to upgrade and you will need to uh yup you will need to to see the baby you will need to pay but hope that was helpful thank you for watching

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