BabyLab app - how to use? Full overview

hello so here is viral app right now it's called baby lab so make your baby with ai the idea is that you can choose your photo so let's just do it so i can just take photo i can give access to camera and so i couldn't just take my photo and then i will be able to choose a photo from other person it can be your friend your partner like go to the photo library or it can be some other celebrities or you can just shuffle so yeah i would look the baby with me angelina julie and then yeah it just uses some ai kind of like face recognition technique uh and that is just generates uh the baby so and then you can see it see the baby but unfortunately in this app you only need to upgrade and you need to pay um so you need to pay like 39.99 per year or 399 per week and there is a free trial in in every version like this but it is not possible to access your image without this payment for some reason and then you have unlimited results remove watermark and log history if i cross it i just can't see the baby i don't know why they did that like they would have allowed like at least one free result so we can see the result and then maybe some people would be able to pay so but there you have it at least you can upgrade have three days free trial then cancel it then you have history and history you can see here um and then of course you can only access this if you buy and yeah there you have it uh that's the app that's how it's called baby lab and that's the overview if you try to upgrade here uh you of course you can do that then to cancel your subscription if you want like to if you don't want to buy for the full cycle you just can go to subscriptions and in your icloud in settings app go to subscriptions and then just find baby lab app and then you'll be able to to find that and cancel subscription inside of that so this is where it's located if you just delete if you just delete your app it won't help so here here you can see for example some subscription um and then in the bottom you can say cancel subscription so that's about it uh hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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