Balance: Meditation & Sleep - app overview

hello so here is interesting app balance for meditation and sleep explore your personal meditation journey with our brand new advanced v plan you will reflect where you have been and where you are going and like so there are a lot of updates um there are 150 000 reviews for this app you can create this personalized meditation practices improve your stress sleep mood and more uh rest easy with sleep tap discard vibration based immersive meditations uh so yeah all of these things so let's just have a quick glance at the app in case you want to try it out of course there are apps like calm.como headspace like everyone knows about them so answer a few questions to start personalizing your meditation program so select the goals okay either reduce stress improve sleep increase focus improve mood so reduce stress how often do you feel stressed so you can just you can just enter your answers so you can allow notifications or not [Music] and then you can create an account you can continue with apple id and let and then you can just continue here so here you can see you can donate some contribution and this is your your foundation plan uh you can see uh like yeah interesting i never use this app but i i'm just showing you around so practice daily you can see all the recommendations [Music] so here you can see some a lot of guidance [Music] so now your meditation is ready hello and welcome to your first guide and then basically it creates your meditation and you can listen to it uh you can you can try different voices uh yeah so that's basically that then you have your plans what you can do today you can see your levels you can see sleep you can see single like what you can do here and that's your account where you can see your progress every day what you're doing or not also you can upgrade here uh so basically we are offering the offer in a full year of balance for free as part of our mission to increase access to mental wellness tools money shouldn't prevent you from improving your stress sleep and mental well-being it costs us 70 dollars per trial to compensate our team and offer this one year a trial to people around the world but please choose the amount you are comfortable with so so you can start with a zero dollars even so you can choose to do it but uh this is for one year and after that your subscription will will increase to 69.99 per year or you can choose 70 right away you can choose also file 25 so that's pretty cool feature i haven't seen it in a lot of apps and actually yeah if if you want to try it out this app i would definitely give it a try like it's really it's really generous from them to give you this offer for like one year have the possibility to pay much less and if you are not sure you can start this like you know five dollars and you can get a lot of value from this app so that's the cool feature then there are some cool enhancements you can enable dark mode you can see sessions you can invite friends you can again upgrade so that's that and that's basically how it works and yep so that's the app just a quick preview for you if you want to try it out so give it a try and leave some comments below put a like as well it's very important for you just for me to receive some likes for this video so more people can see that there are really cool meditation opportunities around the web and they're really high quality and you can get them a bit cheaper

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