BARRY’s BOOTCAMP app (International) - overview & how to use? What is BARRY’s bootcamp? Worth it?

so here's a quick overview of virus International app so this is the app for the batteries bootcamp Fitness classes which you can use uh yeah around the world you can see all the different locations uh yeah it's uh it's a worldwide Network UK Canada Norway Sweden UI Qatar Italy France Denmark Germany Spain Mexico uh yeah in the United States I guess but for United States you just have a separate app this is more like an international app here so here you can see all of the different locations and then you can just select your location then you can if you want you can reserve specific class you can enroll in that class then you can see available options and class packages so you can buy series from here so usually you can buy one three classes and then you can buy monthly membership like three times per week four times per week or unlimited times per week um there are different class packages um uh yeah so in my experience what I did like uh I just wanted for the first time you can go there for the first time there is like this class is cheaper so it's 80 Danish krona so it's around like 12 US dollars or something like that or eleven dollars depend on the currency exchange then you usually you would get like an offer for three classes which is uh yeah which is cheaper than then you will get some promotional price for three classes and then if you want you can upgrade to some like monthly subscription also you can buy buy like a pack of like 50 classes or something like that I don't know if if it's the same for all locations but at least this is how it works in Denmark in Denmark they just have one gym uh yeah in the center it's not like in London or New York probably or it's like where you they have like dozens of those um so yeah it's an interesting concept for people who don't know what the bar is it's just like a kind of new hyped Fitness um I'm just exploring it and uh yeah basically it's like a red room it's like a dark room it has like a lot of lightning uh inside um and it's just you you actually don't see other people and then you just practice in the groups um there is an instructor who just talking to in the microphone and uh yeah you're just following him the class usually lasts around like 60 minutes and then there is like a treadmill and then there is uh uh there is like yeah the scene bar you can just the floor so just yeah floor exercises and then you just do treadmill you run and do floor exercise and again and again so that's like you just combine these two if you want you can adjust them treadmill or if you want you can just stand on the floor and this this the type of exercises this is kind of like a crossfit or like uh like cardio like a lot of like fitness exercises so it's not like heavy lifting they don't have like you know this uh uh you know big equipment in the in the gym so it's just like treadmills some small whites some bands elastic bands like you just usually you work with uh weight of your body and stuff like that so yeah that's basically the idea of it um other than that uh yeah interesting approach you can definitely try out and go try like the first class if it's if it's in your location I think this uh this virus bootcamp is going pretty wild right now in in the United States or maybe not it just depends uh so yeah interesting concept that treadmills uh yeah it just depends like I would say overall that this is not like a you know uh the the equipment is okay and the room is okay and it's like everything uh it's just like a normal gym you shouldn't expect like too much I think maybe just The Branding it's it's a bit overpriced there is a lot of like marketing push and you know all of that but in fact it's just like a real gym instructor so it's like a group class in gym with an instructor so that's it it's not like something super special but there is a bit like marketing push so go try it out if you are looking for some interesting like Fitness activities

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