Beeper app - where to enter invite code?

If you're wondering where to enter the invite code for the Beeper app, look no further. This app has been gaining some attention recently as a universal messenger that consolidates all your messaging apps into one place. Whether you use WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or others, Beeper has you covered.

When you first sign up for Beeper, you'll find yourself on a waitlist. However, if you sign up through the desktop app, which you can download from, you'll have the opportunity to enter a referral code and skip the line. Without a referral code, you might find yourself around the 66,000 mark in the queue.

To enter a referral code, simply ask someone you know if they have one and then enter it during the sign-up process on the desktop app. Unfortunately, this option doesn't seem to be available if you try to sign up using the iPhone app. It's worth noting that the referral code feature only works with the desktop app on Mac.

If you're eager to get started and don't have a referral code handy, you might find some luck by checking out the Beeper subreddit or other online communities. Users there are openly sharing their referral codes as they want the app to go viral. Get out there and give it a try, and good luck!

In conclusion, getting started with the Beeper app and entering an invite code is as simple as using the desktop app on Mac. While iPhone users currently don't have the option to enter a referral code, the Beeper subreddit and other online communities offer a chance to find one and skip the waitlist. With Beeper's goal of becoming a universal messenger, it's no surprise that they're encouraging viral growth through referral codes.

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