Belk app - how to create account?

let's explore bulk app let's just install it um you can get uh it like the same day delivery you can split your purchase into four interest free payments or six weeks twist after pay so here is the app which is basically a closing marketplace where you can get all your closes and all of that uh interesting app 4.8 out of 5 average rating with 169k ratings it's pretty so let's just open the app in case you never used it before and then you can just create an account so let's for your convenience try to create an account and see how that is working you can add your phone number you can sign up for email newsletter like if you like this service and let's just create an account here so here i am i just created an account i can save password and my iphone and this is how the app looks like you can just shop here shop all of that shop all these hoodies this really nice overview of different clothing and not only clothing all of that and it's like you can have some free shipping free store pick up some nice deals and that's your account coupons shop bag so yep that's how you create an account

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