Belk app overview - how to use

here's bell cap so just a quick walk walk through uh like how this app looks like it is in the top charts in marketplaces if you want to get some closing if you want to get some also just stuff for your home like bad sheets like some cookware and they're really nice offers a lot of people like this app it's a really nice marketplace there is free shipping um different sizes different colors so you can have all of that here you can just add to your favorites and there is shop you can see gifts just different menus for gifts you can have filters also you can just scan the barcode to see more details you can filter for women for men new arrivals women's clothing putted clothes in shoes women's clearance then there is bag your bag is empty you can use some so you can do that and then there are coupons so coupons are available in the app so that is one of the reasons to actually use this app so in store only extra 40 off today's coupon you can just scan that barcode in store extra fifty percent of extra sixty percent of extra five percent off and there is your account there is your inbox your orders favorites and your course profile find the store manage my account you can just go here and contact our support or if you have some issues with bald card yep also you can apply for a ball card which can be pretty helpful so if i tap apply then you just enter your last four digits of your ssn mobile phone number and then just try to get a belt card actually twenty percent off on almost everything uh and earn ten dollars in bulk rewards dollars so that's pretty cool uh you can pay my bill from here so yeah if you have also any issues just contact them here at support about underscore customer underscore you can also call them at 800 1-800-669-6550 you can try that there is also about community using after pay so you can pay the price in in the installments um using apple pay all of that or google pay so that's the app now definitely give it a try if you're looking for some closing for some family stuff for some things for for your house this is the cool app to try out hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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