BENJAMIN APP OVERVIEW - how to earn additional cash

The Benjamin app offers users an opportunity to earn rewards and access exclusive deals. By connecting their bank account and a matching card, users can activate cash back on daily purchases and instantly earn rewards. The app provides a user-friendly interface where users can track their daily earnings and progress through different tiers. Here is an overview of some key features and earning opportunities within the Benjamin app:

  1. Rewards and Deals: Users can earn rewards through various activities such as watching videos, playing games, and completing challenges.
  2. Video Cash: Users can watch ads to earn rewards. By watching short video ads and interacting with them, users can earn cash rewards.
  3. Game Hub: Users can play games within the app to earn rewards based on their performance and level achievements. Some games offer substantial rewards for reaching specific levels.
  4. Benjamin AI: The app incorporates AI technology to enhance user experience and provide personalized recommendations.
  5. Cashback Offers: Users can earn cash back on hotel bookings and other purchases, accumulating their earnings in the Benjamin account.
  6. Referral Rewards: Users can invite friends or merchants to join the app and earn rewards through referral programs. Inviting new users can result in bonus rewards for both parties.
  7. Benjamin Card: The app offers a Benjamin card that users can connect to Apple Pay, enabling seamless transactions and potential additional benefits for frequent users.

Overall, the Benjamin app provides a platform for users to earn extra cash through various engagement activities. From watching videos to playing games and inviting friends, there are multiple avenues to increase earnings and enjoy exclusive offers. Give the app a try and explore the earning potential it offers.

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