BeReal - 00:00 timer is red & blinking - what will happen?

here is be real and as you can see there are the red zeros they are blinking and I'm just curious to see what will happen like if you just left your b-real if you didn't tap send button like will it post it automatically or not so let's just see together so I'm just doing it for you so I'm not tapping send button but I'm just curious for example I'll just left my phone or in some other situation and then I'm not closing the app by just tapping on my home button and as you can see unless I'm tapping the send button it won't actually post it so yeah I don't think it will it will submit it I can still change the audience uh but yeah nothing is happening so don't worry if the numbers are like the counter is blinking red numbers nothing will happen until you actually tap send but of course now if I tap send it will just say that I post it late so that's basically it hope it was helpful

#2. Setup Timer to generate Precise...
#2. Setup Timer to generate Precise Delay || STM32F4 || LED Blink || NO HAL
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