so here's be real app and it's going wild the main idea of the app is that once per day you receive a notification and you need to post what you are doing you have two minutes to do that um and then it just creates this authentic instagram experience where people just sharing their like real-time experiences but this app is still quite glitchy quite buggy it's true to say that there are millions of users and when everyone just receives this notification it's just crashes it's not possible to upload this update so what could be alternatives so recently another viral app which is called live in released uh an update which is called today's live in so if i just search for it so i will just show you in case you're looking for somewhere alternative so just search for this app and just like okay something's not working and basically this app just has a new feature which is called today's live in so there you have it and then there is a feature which is called today's live in you can only post one time per day now share today's live in with friends in camera page tab today's live in on the left of shoot button so let's just open it up and then you this is how you share today's live in so just tap on the left from the camera and then you can uh you can just share it and this is basically a burial here so yep and then you can change this privacy followers and then post it so that's basically they completely stole the feature basically but that's what it is in case you want to try it out also in live in app you can enable all these widgets and post this camera photo updates to your friends home screens

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