BeReal app - Authentic Instagram - HOW TO USE? FULL OVERVIEW

here is burial app which is also called authentic instagram and it's climbing the charts really fast during last period it's in the top charts posting like global apps in the us app store and social media category where it was like number one app for a few times already and i will just show you the concept um so here like similar as on instagram you just have my friends and discoveries so this is my kind of homepage after i created my account um i just can't see these photos from people but you can ask what what are these photos like why like so here's for example my photo like why is this kind of weird and yeah what what is that so basically the whole idea of the app is you sign up you need to enable your notifications and then once per day so only one time per day you receive notification that you need to post a be real so be real it's just your photo which is uh both front camera and rear or back camera so yeah a lot of people think it's just a selfie now it's like two cameras so you post your selfie and then also it just takes your back camera and you just post what is near you or what is around you and there is a deadline so it's just you have only two minutes to to take this picture um [Music] and uh yep i don't know if you can retake it actually i think you can you just need to tap on the cross icon while you're taking it you can change the privacy of it you can change it to discovery feed or you can change only friends and that's basically it and then you post it the whole idea of this authenticity is that like obviously in two minutes you don't have time to create like you know perfect picture to adjust all of the lightning and like all of your surroundings and all of that so you just post basically where you are you can be in the class you can be in the office you can enjoy some coffee watch tv line of the sofa all this like you know standard non so not so glamorous situations as you can see on instagram and then you just post it and the whole idea is that you are sharing these moments with your friends and uh you just like sharing their uh your like ordinary life so you can see here some person is just traveling in the in the bus you can see basically comments um you can see real emojis so real moji is basically like a reaction to to some uh to some picture so you can see someone is in the bar someone is going on on the metro or something like that uh so here uh you can also tap and sometimes you can also see the location on the map of that photo here you can see all these kind of photos which that's basically how they look like um and yeah and then you also have this real moji where you can tap an emoji to to hold capture instant real moji so that's basically a live reaction um yeah i now i didn't use a lot of real modules here i don't know exactly what this feature is but anyways uh yeah so basically the whole idea is that that you can just use this app and just enjoy this like very like realistic photos and it's not like instagram where you know you have perfect life like you know perfect cars and perfect beach great resort perfect body here is just like very ordinary life uh that's basically that's the whole idea of the app and that's why it's trending a lot people want a bit more reality in social media seems like that but yeah here on the photo you can see for example two hour late what what does it mean so if you if you are late and you didn't post your be real you won't be able to see other people pictures so you will still need to post your picture and then you will be able to see other people photos and pictures so it is still to post impossible to post be real even if you are late or or you have the notifications disabled in the top left you can search for friends and then you can add friends here just search by username so that's completely and then just tap view then you can just tap add you can copy profile url and all of that and then you will have if if they add you back you will have a friend's tab on in imperial so here there's friends tab here you can also see friend requests so all of that is kind of similar to standard social media and then yes then you have your profile in top right here you can see all your memories from previous photos you you have taken you can see what yeah like your photos like you can you can add to foresight to your camera roll you can share burial and you can also delete from memories so this is one of the most common like issues with burial because you know you don't have that much time and you just want to to post this this picture and um yeah and that basically like a lot of people are in some inconvenient situations you can be in transport and all of that and you just take a picture and you don't really like it and then you post it and then like can you delete that actually i don't know so you can delete it from your memories but will deleting from your memories will it delete from the discovery feed or when you post your picture and it uh you change your privacy to to not friends but the whole discovery fit and then you're like wow i don't want all all these people to see my picture so that's like the the biggest minus of the app uh or maybe it's not a minus but like people just don't know how to delete this for us i also don't know so that's basically it because yeah if you just delete from your memories it will be deleted from memories not from the discovery feed seems like that then here you have notifications time zone you can also enable fast camera which reduce quality you can also clear cache which can solve some issues by the way this app constantly have some bugs especially a bug when like you know millions of users receive notification at the same time everyone tries to post and then app doesn't actually allow you to post and then it fails then you need to open again and then it doesn't work again so i'm just sharing all the experiences you know about this app and yeah so it it became better now it doesn't fail that much but that's what you have then you can tap help you can tap faq there are all the like faq sections and then you can [Music] reach out to support and basically you can also delete an account and all your data and images so actually if you are super frustrated with your photo you want to be completely sure that this photo is deleted from like the app and the internet and nobody can can't find it that's the way to do it so just go to to be real app and then tap to delete your account you still can log back in during 15 days period and restore your account so that's the the idea so yep that's basically it here you can also change your phone number you can report a problem you can ask questions so you can just reach out contact be read.l and maybe they will help you out or all of that so that's the idea as well then you can change in your profile you can change your profile picture full name username location biography like that's what you can do it's like pretty standard and then here is your your link which you can share and then invite people to the app um there is no writing list there is no some referral program where you can you know uh invite people and get some points and all of that and so far uh it's this app is free is original like you know like premium version or some a membership version or something like that i don't need to subscribe or pay for something so that's that's basically that um yeah so that's the idea um hope uh this is helpful um so definitely give a try to this app it can be super fun try to use it and yeah for some people it can be really liberating if you you know if you use an instagram and you see this aspect of instagram where it's you know like to perfectionist and too idealistic here you can see just the real life so that's why this app is called authentic instagram uh so yeah give it a try thank you for watching check out my website mr hectorio and see in the next videos

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