BeReal app - common issues & bugs - what can you do?

so the real app is going viral and here i'm just going through some of the common issues with the app because seems there are still like quite many bugs in the app and one of the app bugs sorry is that some users just can't sign up so once i have to choose a username every single one i put was declined and all it said was unknown error status minus one i don't know if this is a problem with the app or my phone but this was a big disappointment yeah so that's basically what it is yeah some people can't sign up and they have this error uh unknown error status minus one so if you have that i don't know try to reset the app try to wait a bit um yeah maybe try on another wi-fi or 3g connection or try on another phone something like that uh maybe some of that should help this app was like really buggy around a year ago because it basically what it does it sends one notification per day and then you need to post your real photo and of course if you so you have like millions and millions of users and you're sending that notification like their servers are just not functioning properly but then it was fixed and now it seems to be working better but yeah something around it um yeah but if you have any other ideas how to solve this bug please leave the comments below

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