BeReal app - HIDDEN FEATURES. What you didn’t know about the app

so in this video let's explore what is be real app and i will try to show you some hidden features which other videos won't explain you and some like you know tricks how to use be real in a more advanced way so yeah like here is be real app and the idea of the app if you don't know at all about it is that it's more like authentic instagram so you can post photos once per day so you get a notification from the app and in this period you need to post a photo uh you can only post it once per day and you need to enable notifications to know exactly when uh when to post it so yeah if you don't didn't post the photo you will see this message post to you to you your friends be real share yours with them so you won't be able to see either friends be real or you won't be able to see burials in the feed so you still need to post a burial if you missed that deadline and you didn't post it it's okay you can still post a light be real so now let's just try to do it and try to uh pause the video so this is how it looks like so you have you have two minutes to do that like one of the question is can you retake a burial so if i just do this you can still retake it so you can just tap on the cross so yeah you can enable flashlight here but that the clock is ticking so not that much time and also notice that there is front camera and back camera here when you're taking it so a lot of people it's super fun but a lot of people like you know you need to take that in consider the directions of that you don't need to delete all of your b-reels then here is that discovery and here is the section where you can change the privacy of your bureau so you can change it to your my friends only then you can dis enable or disable your location so that's also that's how you can change and adjust privacy of your bureau and then you can tap send so basically when you tap send you you just send it to here so that's that's how it works and now your burial will appear in your friends feed so now additional features if you you can add a caption so you can do it here and then you can see all the real modules so real modules are directions or people fractions to this uh burial if you tap on just below add caption so seven hour late so you can tap there so this this this is a bit hidden i couldn't figure out this menu but this is here so here you can see a number of comments number of real emojis and now you you can also see retakes so what are those so number of times i retook this burial so to see that you need to add nine more friends and then you will see how many times someone retook a burial so kind of the whole concept of this app is like authenticity so people should be able to take authentic photos in unpredictable situations and uh yeah like if someone retex like the photo seven times it's also just fun it's becoming more like instagram but anyhow interesting feature also here if you tap on options in bottom right here is the place where you can delete your burial so this is actually how you delete your burial from from everywhere so as you can see this tab is hidden and it's not that easy to do it it i think it was developed like that on purpose because of course they would they could just include like big red button to delete my burial but i barely found it like a lot of viewers asked like how to delete my bureau this is the way to do it also you can only do it as i understand to your latest be real uh if you have a burial from previous day i'm not sure you will be able to access this manual also if you posted a be real uh to discovery feed so everyone can see it in this menu when you tap options you will be able to change privacy of your burial so you will be able to change from discovery feed and just to your friends so if you don't want someone to see some photo which was unfortunate or you just think it was wrong you can just change the the yeah the privacy from your discovery fee to just appear to only your friends so that's basically the idea and that's where you can do it uh and also that's one of the most frequent frequent questions about burial because again you have these two minutes you are in a rush you can be in a transport you take some photo and then you're like oops i that's father is not actually that good or you know contains some details which you don't want to show or something like that but you can only do that to to your latest photo then you have the feature which is memories so memories is just your private archive you can disable enable that but uh here if you see photo and then if you tap through those in top right and then you want to delete from memories so this will just delete from memories this won't delete uh from you know from from bureau discovery as i understand it so it's just your private archive you have it and all your photos are saved here from here you can just share on to snapchat instagram export to your camera roll to your photos then share a link to be real and all of that so that's where you can see it you can see all your memories and this is a new feature which was developed recently and then here you can see that your memories are activated all your burial are automatically added to your memories and only visible to you deactivate and delete memories if you deactivate your memories all the bureau will be permanent utility and recover unrecoverable all your future brielle won't be sex inventors and will be automatically do as well so that's that i mean this this feature is just your private archive so imagine something like google photos or icloud photos for be real i'm not like yeah using this feature like i don't completely understand what like of course it's great to have this archive but like the the my thing is that if you delete that be real from memory it it won't be deleted everywhere so that's not the way uh that like if you did few bad photos or like i don't know because a lot of people asking it like how what you can do then like you don't want some like weird photos appearing everywhere and you can't delete them so then probably the last scenario what you can do you can just go to help contact and then delete account and here you can just delete your bureau account it will be deleted in 15 days so it will be scheduled for deletion in 15 days so that's basically how how it is but during this 15 days if you just log back in you can still restore your burial account uh and then you can just delete it so that's how you can reactivate and delete your account but if you delete your account obviously delete all your data and photos and then and then yeah they are gone completely and then you're completely safe then also here you can contact support just in case you know you want to double check what to do maybe you can ask a support about specific burial photo you want to remove which you took like two weeks ago and or something like that here you can also change your phone number you need to submit the time type form there is some faq section which you can read also another feature is that you can clear cache for burial because burial app is still is quite buggy if you go to the reviews on apple store you can see so many people still writing that app won't uh let me post pictures app doesn't load there are com consoles glitches box and all of that so that's how you can clear cash and maybe that can help but in the recent period the app is really really becoming better and there are less bugs but still sometimes for a lot of people when in the period when burial sends this notification to post a photo and you open that so some kind of server issue is still there and for a lot of people be really still crashing especially when i think you know there are hundreds of thousands of users maybe millions of users trying to post this photo update servers are literally crashing and yeah that's still the issue i don't know what to do about it just that's what it is it it happens in one areas than in other areas location it's okay so i i don't know maybe it just depends on the distance from the servers or something like that then here is the the fast camera option which can reduce quality but make the camera faster or something like that you can change your time zone uh to receive your bureau notification during day time select your time zone and changing your times on your account really will be deleted you can only change time zones once a day um so that's basically that so yeah also by changing times on uh your current bureau will be deleted so that's another feature you should know then there is your account where you can change your full name username it's possible to change username easily location another profile picture so that's basically it uh that's the app here you can see the discovery feed it's really uh like you know authentic instagram so you don't see all this like fancy lifestyle you just see like normal lifestyle of people and it's like it feels much more relaxed so you when you browse instagram sometimes you can see that everyone is just hanging out in luxury swimming pools or you know like some villas with perfect outfits and stuff like that here is just more normal life and there is so much demand for this kind of app where it's just authentic people don't try to you know to use tons of filters to make a perfect photo and it it then this kind of app can have like much less pressure on you because i don't know this is just subjective so it's because you don't think that everyone out there is like so it's living ideal life so there you have it but this is for sure really fun app to use uh some people don't understand it don't like it because you just you know you're sharing your dog on the bed like or just that you're sitting on the sofa or that you're in the class or something just like you know like standard situations but it's still fun especially if you're hanging out with your friends and you get this notification and you can see okay this is what my friends are doing right now someone's in the class someone's in the gym or stuff like that so it's fun uh one last feature is that you can add the real emoji so that like you can add emoji to create your first real emoji and direct with video and also there is a widget so if you tap and hold you can tap plus and then you can add be real widget here so that's how you can do widget moji and then you will see your friends reacting with real modules on your home screen so that's basically how it works hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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