in this video let's go to be real app and try to understand how it works in case you just can't figure it out so this app is kind of instagram but it's it's a bit different so the core idea of the app is uh once per day you get a notification that you need to post an image and you have like two minutes to post that image uh and you can just do it during that time frame and basically you post the image with your front camera and with your back camera so you post your selfie and also like the i don't know the back camera just takes the picture what's happening around you and this is not the app where you have like you know 20 minutes or like 10 minutes to create like a perfect setup like perfect landscape so the whole idea of the app is it's a bit like it's in the name like be real it's a bit unto instagram so no like uh perfect nature or perfect surroundings perfect outfits it's just like you capturing your real moment right now i commute in iu at and holiday i would work i was just sitting and watching netflix so you're just capturing your current moment and then you can see in the feed of this app this is like what people are just doing right now someone is studying someone is in the gym someone doing some refurbishments someone is at work so this is what i'm doing right now uh yeah like that's the whole idea of the app that's why it's called burial and then you can basically see what your friends are up to exactly these two minutes um and then you kind of have like this one day one one per day catch up like what are you doing right now so and and then you capture your real moment uh at this exact time so i'm here in the discovery tab this is looks like instagram i can see what's happening uh then also i can add this real emoji all right so i can just add some emoji and react to this image because sometimes it can be really funny people are in really weird situations sometime and then you can just capture that so that's cool then you can of course follow someone then you can just go to the profile you can add as a friend you can copy profile url and you can share the link so that's how you add friends then you can see your friends in your separate tab like this then you can just comment also under under the photo you can add some real emojis um [Music] yeah so that's the whole idea this is my burial i just took it right now so it's very important in this app to enable notifications so one per day you just get that notification and then you need to pause that the photo like uh literally in two minutes then you can just share it uh it's important when you're posting bureau so you select the privacy of it so either you're just sharing to your friends either it's like private or it's just sharing to your public and then it will appear in discovery feed it's not possible to change the privacy of burial after you posted it so just be careful then because you'll have some not so much time and you need to be really fast so images are not that great and people are wondering like how to delete those so you can just tap on three dots and then delete it from your memories and then the image should be deleted uh then here is your account um you can change profile picture and do all the standard stuff and then you can also deactivate and delete memories if you deactivate your memory so you'll be permanently deleted and recoverable uh all your future bureau won't be saved in memories and will be automatically deleted as well so you can do it here because you know like some people are concerned about the privacy and that's how it works here then there are some other settings you can enable fast camera but it reduces quality you can also clear cash uh so that's basically it then you can also reach out to help if you want to contact us you can reach more about um and that's uh that's the app you can view your all memories if you enable them how they look like um so yeah that's basically the idea then you can you can add or search friends you can see some suggestions you can add friend you can see your friend requests and then just hang out on the app like that so that's the overall idea of the of the app um that's how it works yeah uh so very interesting approach uh it's something like you know anti-instagram because you know some people like instagram some people say it's it's a bit too unrealistic it's like people are trying to take this perfect photos and everyone seems that your friends are living in some perfect lifestyle but in fact you know it takes like 30 minutes to take that exact photo in perfect outfit in perfect restaurant or something like that it's not actually your real life and it can have you know some consequences on you because you're just looking at your friends like all they are living this like uh incredible lives they're just having this incredible lifestyle what about me but the real app is more kind of realistic it doesn't create that kind of pressure and it's a more kind of relaxed app but i don't know it's just this feeling i have about the app maybe you just have other ideas and it's more useful for you in other way so that's basically uh yeah that's uh that's the idea um also there is a burial widget which you are able to install as locket widget or noted widget so you can just install it on on your iphone as well hope this is helpful

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