so in this video let's just do a quick guide quick explanation what is burial app as you can see right now it's in the top charts uh in social networking category um and yes this app is going viral among teens so if you don't know what what the hype is about so let's just dive into it so every day so you create an account and every day this app sends one notification during this notification you will have two minutes to capture a burial which means you just need to send a photo and see what your friends are up to so you have two minutes and you need to take a photo what you are doing uh so just share your current moment maybe you're just at home maybe you're traveling maybe you're in transport maybe you're at work near your laptop uh so just capture that and then all your friends are also posting that and you just have like one moment catch up with your friends what everyone else is doing and then you can just comment react and send emojis and you can also add a widget similar to locket widget and that sees these pictures in real time and then you also have these previous pictures and memories in one place so let's just open the app and see how exactly it looks like how the process looks like so yeah it's important to create an account obviously and to enable notifications so here you need to make sure that you have notifications enabled and then once per per day you will have a notification from this app to take your burial so that's basically that so okay i can just take like you can take uh the way how it works you just take the front photo and then the camera also takes uh the bike photo so something like that and then you can turn off your location here you can select how you want where you want to share it and then you just send it so there you have it now my bureau is updated you can see that it's 19 hour late what it means basically it means that i missed the notification because i needed to send it yeah in time but i didn't receive that notification and yeah so i didn't post it in time but it still works so now you can see all the comments and real emojis from your friends and some friends might ask you to retake you can also delete this photo and that's it and then the idea that there is also discovery feed where you can see all other people posting their bureaus so the whole idea of this app is kind of in its name be real so the vibe is about being a bit of like auntie instagram where you don't post you know like your perfect lifestyle your perfect uh you know you know like posh kind of lifestyle using like tens of filters like perfect skyline or something like that here you just post order in your life just ordinary moment you're living yeah someone is eating a sandwich someone is standing in the street or whatever someone is traveling so just your ordinary moment and that adds some interesting uh yeah element to this app because it's just very authentic it's very relaxed very chilled you don't need to show your perfect body or like perfect lifestyle or you know like perfect uh landscapes and all of that which you can see on instagram and it can be a bit like press pressure for a lot of teens on instagram here it's very like be real just be real show you a real moment so yeah then you can just react with real emojis so you can just record some quick video and add emojis that's called realmoji you can go and see the location you can add a friend you can invite copy profile url all of that then you can see your memories your previous photos you can also go to to settings here here's your account you can add your location you can add a profile picture username bio um so other you can clear cache you can enable fast camera and then you can add friends add by username so you can easily just search like that search by username and then that's basically yeah so that's the idea in a nutshell that's how this app works um also recent feature uh which i added is that you can add burial widget so you can just tap be real so just tap widget moji so you can just add this widget here and then it will display real emojis uh from from your burial app so if you have some real more distractions that will be displayed here in this widget and that's very helpful you can just see it here right on your home screen so that's the idea hope it is helpful that's the app definitely give it a try and have fun with your friends

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