BeReal app - MISSED 2 MINUTES - what happens?

in this tutorial let's explore what happens if you don't manage to take a photo during two minutes so as you can see i'm just trying to take a burial the time is ticking so i only have like two minutes to post then i just take take a photo and yeah okay i didn't like it i'm taking another retake i'm switching the cameras or anything i'm trying to zoom okay i didn't like this one oh no the the time is going off and it's like 20 seconds remaining so let's see what happens after that so if you tap on notification you only have two minutes to pause so i don't want you to stress or something like that just so in case you know what will happen if you just you know don't manage to post a picture in this time so you see 10 seconds then the time becomes red and actually yeah now it will just start to blink so here you will see that it's it's blinking and then nothing happens so after that you still can post it be real but it will be a light be real so it will just tell to you it's a light burial now and you can post it and all the like attempts you try to do a photo and then you didn't like it it will be in your retake in your retake stats so that's basically it um hope this is helpful hope yeah you like this tutorial

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