BeReal app - there is no more Global/Discovery feed anymore

In a recent update, the BeReal app has made a significant change to its feed structure. As mentioned in a video transcript, the global and discovery feed is no longer available on the app's main screen. Instead, the focus has shifted to prioritize content from your friends and friends of friends.

This shift aims to make the app more personal and tailored to individual connections. By removing the global feed, BeReal hopes to foster a more intimate experience where users can engage with the content shared by their immediate social circle. The idea is to create a sense of authenticity and realness within the app.

The update also allows users to customize their sharing settings. This means that you can choose who sees your posts based on your desired level of privacy. Whether you want your content to be visible only to your friends or extend it to friends of friends, the sharing settings can be adjusted according to your preference.

It's worth noting that this update is final, and there is no option to roll back to the previous version of the app. However, if you find the new feed structure not to your liking, you do have the choice to disable the friend connection feature through the app's privacy settings. This will prevent you from being connected to others and restrict the visibility of your content strictly to your approved friends list.

Overall, the changes made to the BeReal app aim to make it a more personal and socially connected platform. By prioritizing content from your immediate social circle and giving users control over their sharing settings, the app seeks to enhance the authenticity of the user experience.

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