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in this video we're gonna go through amazing app just called be real it's it's surging in the top charts in the us app store so as you can see it's number 10 just just under like you know messenger whatsapp telegram yeah and it's just during uh during recent months it's just really went up in the charts so what like what's the idea of the app uh so it's it's very simple it says it's the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in front of his friends every day at a different time everyone captures a photo within two minutes capture and post in time to discover what your friends are up to so that's the cool concept basically that you sign up for an app you get a notification and you just instantly need to post a photo whenever you are and you know it's it's a bit opposite to to like all this thing with instagram where you just need to post your luxury lifestyle luxury uh you know cars and all of that of course it's okay to do that but then you're kind of creating a bit of like uh sometimes not that real lifestyle but in this app is just what it says be real just post whatever you are uh what exactly you look like and you know that's that's much more like kind of liberating for for a lot of people because you don't see all the perfect lifestyle as an instagram all the time maybe that's how i think about it um and then so you have like discovery feed the real camera takes your photo like so it's also it's simultaneously front and back camera i will show you during the the full tutorial so it takes your selfie and the image you are taking photo of then there's discovery feeds there are some challenges comments emojis map uh there are some like burial memories and then there you recently added widget emoji so it's like a burial widget which you can add on the home screen and that's why this app also skyrocketed in charts similar to locket widget on live peak app or something like that so it's it's really like app which challenges your creativity you need to post something really creative even if you're in a very like standard uh you know like boring situation and stuff like that but you can see that this idea is really just catching up sixteen thousand ratings four point nine out of five average rating and all of that so let's just open the app and see uh what yeah why everyone loves it so here is here is how the app looks like you can easily create an account with your phone number and stuff like that just reserve your username but then basically you need to allow notifications and once per day i don't know maybe at the same time or different times you will receive a notification to take your bureau and you have a limited time to do that so for example take burial uh i can change the like photo like this i can enable a disabled flashlight and i have like two minutes as you can see it's the contour is in the top part just to take this burial so i can just you know take the photo and then you will see that it also takes the photo from the front camera or i mean like yeah so this is the be real and then i can select if i want to share select my audience if i want to share this it with everyone i'm sorry or i just want to share it there is only with my friends so completely depends uh then i can also like choose to uh yeah choose to disable my address and stuff like that and then basically i just send it and then my bureau is uploaded uh yep sorry i'll just take and then i can add a caption like hello or some whatever then you can also see all the real modes so real modes are basically reactions so your friends can react here um so that's basically it uh of course you can then just see all the stats you can see comments real modes uh you can see options and then just delete your burial as well um so then that's basically it and you just posted your picture it's not like you know some fancy image like what's the point of this app you're just posting some random like pictures from your regular life but i mean a lot of people find it really really fun because yeah you just add your friends and your friends also receiving these notifications to post these images and you just see what exactly your friends are doing at this moment like so they just require to post one picture per day every day and they have two minutes to do it and then yeah you just pause that and then you can see how your friends are hanging out so this is okay uh you can add friends i don't know why it's not working yet just tap to add friends in the top left then you can search by username you can see all your friend requests your friend requests will appear on this tab um then there is discovery feed so let's just watch you can watch some you know discovery feed don't know maybe it's not you can report that but you can just go here you can react with real emojis tap an emoji to create your first real emoji and that that's your real module that's how you can direct to some the same image i don't know uh i don't know why uh the images are not showing up here maybe because i'm just doing screen recording and it's blocking it maybe that's the case but anyways you can go to profile you can copy profile url report can so similar as on instagram or any other social network then you just have your profile you can see all your memories all your previous photos you posted so okay let's just restart the app maybe this app is also a bit buggy like if you start using it sometimes you see that some stuff doesn't really work okay so now okay so now you can see memories here so here is some memory from from this date i can share it i can add to photos i can delete from memories i can share burial but as you can see this app didn't work now i just restarted it and now it's it's kind of working again so a bit weird uh yeah people write in interviews that um yeah there are still some bugs and glitches so that's that's how it is at the moment um yeah so let's just so here's final discovery feat is working so you can see kind of photos so just people someone is sitting in the library somewhere someone is on the sofa uh someone like in a barber shop like you know this kind of random photos but it's also like super fun because yeah something like that someone is cooking eating sushi it's like so it's not you know it's not fancy instagram live so this this social network is completely opposite to that and that's why you know it's it's catches some attention among teenagers and among many users so that's the idea so that's how it looks like and then i can see my memories i can view all my memories displayed here i can copy my link i can share it then here is my profile i can here's my name full name my bio my location i can add a profile picture here uh i can see memories also if you're concerned about your privacy and stuff like that you can always deactivate and delete memories from here so that's that then there are settings you can clear cache from settings clear burial cache clear france cache so that's what you can do you can also introduce fast camera it's reduces quality but i think then it is faster to use your app so then there is help like some people [Music] asking you need to go to profile setting contacts as delete my account to delete your account so here you can tap delete your account and then just delete the account from here you can also contact support from all these settings but and change your phone number but i get that you know sometimes you can be concerned about your privacy and all of that all the photos you posted it's hard to delete some of them so you will be just uh yeah uh try thinking the best option is just to delete your account so that's the idea uh what else you can read about you can use privacy policy notifications you can manage all the notifications how how you want them to appear uh so that's about it so that's basically an overview i hope it makes some of the things clear clear for you um yeah there are a lot of like new answers when you're using this app like you know for example when i was posting might be real like i changed the privacy from like like from discovery feed to just available to my friends so that's what people are concerned about like how to make sure that this app is only seen by these pictures only seen by my friends so that's about that but anyways i think there will be so many improvements to this app and yeah i think it will grow of course like the the additional feature is that you can add a widget moji so tap and hold until the apps start jiggling and then you can add video so this is the widget moji so your friends reacting with direct modules on your home screen so then there you have it and if people react with real modes they will be be appearing on your home screen so that's pretty cool so that's similar to lock it widget or noted widget app and i think they just released this big feature recently and after that it's quite popular and you know i also like this widget apps like you don't need to go to the app open the app like you know do all these steps you can just have everything on your home screen or any other screen so that's the idea anyways i hope you like this overview if you have any additional questions just leave them below because again there are still bugs here and there like for example some people say that if you try to post a photo and then you close the app the photo won't be posted so wait until you your photo is completely uploaded also yeah some for some people the app is not working they can't open or can't create an account as you have seen here so what i would suggest to do is just double tap and then you can just swipe up and restart the app also make sure that your wi-fi connection or 4g like cellular connection is is fast enough like update this app constantly i think there are just a lot of new features added other bugs fixed that's how it is with this app you can always reach out to their support uh so that's that's so far like how i explored this app hope it is helpful for you and see you in the next videos

BeReal app - SUPER QUICK GUIDE &...
BeReal app - SUPER QUICK GUIDE & how to use
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