BeReal - CAN’T POST A PICTURE - BUG - what to do?

so i'm just trying to take my b reel and nothing works so this is just the countdown is going on but seems there is some kind of a bug from burial which you won't last me post pictures maybe this is like a server bug or be real app is down or yeah i don't know i can always try to restart it and just try again to open it up so i just restarted the app okay here it is so now seems it's it's working so you see what i did i just swipe up the app so i just double tap my home screen button or just home tab and then basically i can just send it to to my friends only or something around it and then that's basically it um and then yeah now i can upload it um yeah so i swipe up restart the app and this is how it works so in case you also have this bug uh where your bureau uh won't let you post photos this is at least what you can try out

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