BeReal competitor? SnapChat DUAL CAMERA - new feature

so is this a burial feature in Snapchat Snapchat just introduced dual camera and now you can capture double the content at the same time you can use both your front and back cameras to capture double the content at the same time explore vertical horizontal cutout and picture-in-picture layouts to create content like never before and basically this feature is right in your sidebar when you're taking Snaps you just below the like the music icon tab you would have like two cameras oops so here you can see you'll have two cameras icon and then you can enable picture in picture dual camera cut out horizontal and all of that and it looks like be real so I think it's definitely it's a Snapchat take on be real app the same with Instagram Instagram reels also introduce that because all these apps uh you know uh a bit scared of Bureau being the number one app in the US app store for last few weeks um so yeah definitely give it a try update Snapchat and try this feature I'm not sure if it's released everywhere uh uh yet or what's the process but there you have it

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