BEREAL DOESN’t UPLOAD - some advice on what to do

here is some advice if your bureau doesn't upload i just found it in their support center uh so if your bureau remains stuck during upload we suggest several workarounds kill the app and relaunch it don't worry your burial is safe and won't be lost if you do this so that's what a lot of people are afraid so to relaunch the app just you know double tap on your home button and swipe up the bureau app and this is the way to relaunch be real app or any other app but yeah it seems some users are afraid if they do that the photo will be lost and then they will need to retake the photo and then you need to change try to change your network connection switch between 4g 5g 3g wi-fi and retry the upload so just go to your settings like this and then just go to wi-fi go to 3g and just switch around turn off wi-fi turn on wi-fi select some different wi-fi network it definitely can be the issue especially if you're traveling or you're in some hotel or in a train uh like the wi-fi can be pretty weak and stuff like that maybe there are also some roaming situation if you're traveling with 4g uh yeah and also they just left an update from may 2022 that like be real is currently working hard to make sure our servers can handle the high amount of simultaneous uploads while our work is ongoing you might encounter unusual unemployed times but we can assure you that there will be improvements very soon so it was in may 2022 hopefully there will be improvements soon so that's basically that

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