BeReal “Finito Buddy. Get out of here” - hidden text

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of your feed on the BeReal app and noticed some hidden text? Well, it seems that there is a message for you if you venture down that far. The hidden text reads, "If you need to go, buddy, get out of here." This discovery has come as a surprise to many BeReal users who were unaware of its existence.

To find this hidden text, all you need to do is keep scrolling until you reach the very bottom of your feed. Right there, in plain sight, you will see the message. It is unclear why BeReal has chosen to include this hidden text, but it certainly adds an intriguing element to the app.

One theory behind the hidden text is that BeReal wants to limit the number of posts users can see. Similar to Instagram, where you can scroll indefinitely, BeReal may have decided to restrict the scrolling feature, possibly to make the app more manageable. It is also possible that the hidden text is related to the new "friends of friends" feature on BeReal, where users can only view posts until they reach the point where friends of friends' posts appear.

Whether the hidden text serves a purpose or is simply an Easter egg, it adds a layer of curiosity for users. It encourages them to explore the depths of their feed and discover what lies beneath the surface.

The BeReal app continues to evolve and surprise its users with unique features and hidden gems like this. It is always exciting to stumble upon something unexpected in a familiar app. So, if you're a BeReal user, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of your feed to unveil the hidden text. Who knows what other surprises await you?

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