BeReal Friends of Friends feature - what is it? How to post a BeReal

Beryl, the popular social media app, has introduced a new feature called "Friends of Friends." This feature allows users to share their posts not only with their own friends but also with their friends' friends. This update aims to enhance the user experience by promoting more meaningful interactions within a user's social circle.

Previously, Beryl users relied on the discovery feed to come across interesting content from users worldwide. However, the Friends of Friends feature takes a different approach by prioritizing content from people who are connected to the user through mutual friends. This means that instead of seeing random posts from individuals halfway across the globe, users will now be presented with updates from people who are one degree away in their social network.

To post a BeReal using the Friends of Friends feature, simply navigate to the sharing options when creating a new post. You will notice a new setting that allows you to choose the audience for your post. You can select from three options: "My friends only," "My friends plus their friends," or "My friends of friends." By selecting the latter option, your post will be visible to both your own friends and friends of your friends.

Furthermore, Beryl has also introduced the ability to mention friends in your posts. This new feature allows users to tag specific individuals and notify them directly about the post they are mentioned in. Additionally, Beryl now allows users to pin three past BeReal posts to their profiles, providing a chance to showcase their favorite updates to visitors.

If you come across a post from someone in your friends of friends feed that you would rather not see, don't worry. Beryl gives you the option to remove specific individuals from your feed if their content is not of interest to you. However, if you prefer not to have any association with a particular user, Beryl also offers a block function that allows you to completely hide their posts and prevent them from seeing your content as well.

This latest update from Beryl is aimed at enhancing user engagement and fostering more meaningful connections among its user base. By focusing on content from friends of friends, the app aims to provide a more personalized and engaging social media experience.

To take advantage of the Friends of Friends feature and other recent updates, simply update your Beryl app to the latest version. Give it a try and let us know in the comments if you prefer this new feature over the traditional discovery feed.

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