BeReal Friends of Friends - “Nothing to see here yet…”

Beryl, a popular social media app, recently introduced a new feature called Friends of Friends. This feature aims to enhance the user experience by showing updates from not only your friends but also their friends. In a recent video transcript, Beryl explained how this feature works and what users can expect.

When you open Beryl, you will immediately notice the Friends of Friends feature. However, if your Friends of Friends haven't posted anything yet, you will see a message stating "Nothing to see here yet." This is just a temporary state, and as more users engage with this feature, the content will start populating in this section. Beryl is actively working on making the Friends of Friends theme of the day visible in this area.

While waiting for your friends' friends to share updates, Beryl suggests exploring more connections by adding new friends. By expanding your network, you increase the chances of seeing engaging content from your friends' extended circle. This feature is a significant shift from Beryl's previous Discovery feed, which often displayed updates from people who might not be directly connected to you.

In the Discovery feed, you would come across posts from individuals located in different regions, discussing topics that might not pique your interest. However, with Friends of Friends, you have an opportunity to view posts from people you already know or have a connection with. This creates a more engaging and personalized experience, allowing you to connect with familiar faces and stay informed about their activities.

It's important to note that the amount of content you see in the Friends of Friends section may depend on the number of friends you have on Beryl. If you have a limited number of friends, there might be times when the content is minimal. In contrast, the Discovery feed always had some form of content, albeit from a broader range of individuals.

Beryl's decision to replace the Discovery feed with the Friends of Friends feature reflects its commitment to enhancing user engagement and fostering stronger connections within the platform. By focusing on curated content from your immediate and extended circles, Beryl aims to create a more meaningful social experience.

So, if you're seeking a more personalized and engaging social media experience, give Beryl's Friends of Friends feature a try. Connect with more friends, explore their activities, and stay connected to the updates that matter to you. Although it may take some time for the content to populate initially, Beryl's Friends of Friends feature holds the promise of creating a more vibrant and connected digital community.

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