BeReal - how to take TWO PICTURES simultaneously?

so here is b real app and people who are new to this app are like a bit confused how this app takes two pictures simultaneously so let's just do this tutorial so here i need to tap poster light be real and as you can see there is only like one camera and people users are like how to turn on the second camera well you don't need to because it's automatically taking it for you so for example if i take in this picture of a selfie camera it automatically takes a picture of this uh like back camera i can disable that and then for example if i take the picture this back camera it automatically takes my selfie so that's the whole idea of the app that you actually you can't control the second image and it adds this authenticity and you kind of it's making this uh image a bit spontaneous where you don't know uh yeah what what exactly is uh what exactly is on the other picture so yeah that's basically the idea and and then when you post your photo a second image will be included um so there is no some additional button or something like that to take second picture it's taken automatically but you can't see two pictures simultaneously um yep so that's the the whole concept of the app hope it is clear

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